Stylish and relaxed, our Stanford Café offers guests a wide variety of international cuisines and buffets. Whether you seek a gourmet meal with friends or a quick bite before the day’s activities, you can find everything at ease here.

Stanford Café


  • Opening Hours
    Monday To Sunday
    4:00PM To 12:00AM


  • Breakfast Buffet (Suspended)
    Monday To Sunday
    7:00AM To 10:30AM


  • Lunch Buffet (Suspended)
    Monday to Friday
    12:00PM To 2:30PM


  • Brunch Buffet (Suspended)
    Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays
    11:30AM To 2:30PM


  • Tea Buffet (Suspended)
    Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays
    3:15PM To 5:15PM


  • Dinner Buffet (Available from June 5, 2020)
    Monday to Sunday
    5:30PM To 10:30PM


  • Tel
    +852 2710 4272 / +852 2710 4273


  • Location
    Mezzanine Floor
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